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Chimera-X offers a diverse Variety of Stunt and Martial Arts training and courses that caters from 6- 60 years years old all under one roof.  Enjoy our Open Gym Stunt Training , as well as, our fun and educational Stunt Courses, such as, Train Like a Stuntman, or just come and have fun in our Open Gym Stunt Training Studio. Learn in a safe environment our comprehensive and modern curriculum including: Protocol and ethics for on set, tools and equipment needed, Tumbling, Falls(low & high), hitting the ground, striking, fight choreo, weapons training(modern and traditional) wire and much more… You will get highly detailed instructions from the founder and chief instructor Ilan Rosenberg and his highly skilled Chimera-X SelectTeam Instructors. Check out some of the fun stuff we've down in past courses below.  

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